How To Market Your Business Video Effectively

One of the more aggravating things about online marketing is how self-referential it all becomes. It's now not enough to create marketing tools. You have to, basically, market your marketing. It's counter-intuitive, but marketing online is like competing against a never ending parade of ballyhoo … [Read more...]

How To Dynamically Expand Your Reach With Corporate Video Marketing

There are many ways to market your company, which range from mailings to billboards. However, there is one strategy that is certain to give you the greatest results. This is video marketing. With videos you can effectively advertise your products and make your company visible to the world. To give … [Read more...]

How To Monetize When You Add Video To WordPress

Reaching around the globe, WordPress has become the world's most wide spread blogging platform. Although many people use this site to host their personal blogs, WordPress can be a very useful tool for your business as well. With over 362 million people viewing more than 10.7 billion pages each … [Read more...]

How to Add Social Media Links to Video

Social Media Links

People who are watching your video are naturally engaged in the content you are providing for them. When you add a call to action to video, you can immediately leverage that enthusiasm for sales. However, there are those who are interested in creating an ongoing relationship between the viewer and … [Read more...]

Get the most Out of Your Social Video Marketing


Over the past few years, social media has become an internet giant. Because of this, companies of all types are jumping into the video marketing scene to advertise their business, products and services. When you want the most benefit from your efforts, social video marketing is definitely the way to … [Read more...]

Social Video Marketing: How It’s Changing The Industry


We've all grown accustomed to all sorts of viral videos invading our Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and having a YouTube timeline full of cute cat videos, Gangnam Style parodies, and other entertaining clips to get us by in life. However, businesses are increasingly understanding and unlocking the … [Read more...]

3 Ways Social Video Marketing Can Help You


These are exciting times to be in Internet marketing! As the Internet grows and matures as a medium, marketers are seeing new opportunities everywhere. People keep finding new ways to connect with each other and share information, which means we've got great new opportunities to connect with those … [Read more...]

What To Look For In The Best Video Marketing


As with all things in life, there are better ways and worse ways to engage in video marketing.  It’s an extremely powerful all-around tool:  The equipment is now cheap enough for most enterprises to afford, YouTube provides a common space for uploading and sharing videos, and you can potentially … [Read more...]

Be In The Know With Social Video Marketing


So, how social are your videos, really? Everyone wants to get in on social video marketing. Video is shared through social outlets at truly astounding rates. Several years' worth of video is watched via Facebook every day, and having someone Tweet about a video pretty much guarantees more views. … [Read more...]

Get An Increase In Sales By Marketing With Video


These days, there really is very little doubt about it: online businesses are making a lot of money by marketing with video! Once something only available to those that only those with access to expensive equipment, basic video production is now here for virtually anyone with a halfway modern … [Read more...]