Get Noticed With Quick Video Marketing


We probably don’t need to tell you this, but the Internet can be a pretty fast-moving place.  Trends come and go in a matter of weeks, if not days.  To get the most out of your online business, you need to constantly “have your head on swivel” as the saying goes, constantly watching for new trends … [Read more...]

What Nonprofit Marketing Will Do For Your Company


One of the major pitfalls of nonprofits is the ability to make sure your cause is being marketed properly so it can make sure it is getting the engagement, reach, and donations it needs to stay active. However, like with most services that deal with business, marketing costs money--sometimes quite a … [Read more...]

How Can Affiliate Video Marketing Benefit You?


Consumers are naturally attracted to watching videos, so it is surprising that affiliate video marketing is a segment of the media that has not yet been extensively used for monetization purposes by many companies. This means affiliate marketers who are considering trying video have a lot to gain. … [Read more...]

Increase Your Internet Traffic With A Clickable Video


A lot of folks don't stop to think about this, but we're now living in a real era of Interactivity. People around the world have access to more information, from more sources, in more different forms than ever before. Nowadays, it's not just enough to simply experience something - people want to … [Read more...]

Let Your Personality Show Through A Custom Media Player


When you're trying to do web marketing on a tight budget, you're often forced to string together a lot of free or cheap tools. You'd like to have an integrated platform that isn't obviously relying on other people's tool sets, but you just don't have the money to get that level of design. Well, … [Read more...]

Adding Clickable Video To Your Website Increases User Time On Site


Engagement is nearly everything in the world of online marketing, but with so many websites for consumers to choose from, it can be extremely hard to achieve. Just to drive home this point, here are a few somewhat dispiriting statistics about online video viewing that really underscore the … [Read more...]

7 Tools For Internet Video Marketing


You've got yourself some great video content on the Internet but aren't seeing the numbers you'd like to see with them. Instead of giving up completely on video, maybe it's time to consider some new tips to make sure your videos are being watched, shared, and bringing in new business for … [Read more...]

How To Use Internet Video Marketing


Are you using video to help engage with your customers and boost your exposure across the Internet? If not, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity to start seeing some huge ROI results all from the power of online video. It doesn't even have to be costly to you, you can use entirely online … [Read more...]

Follow The Bloggers: Use A Video Blog Template


As broadband and high-speed mobile connections continue to grow in usage among consumers, some bloggers are beginning to abandon text almost entirely. Instead, they're creating "vlogs," a video blog which is self-produced and shared online in the same way as a standard blog. Since people are more … [Read more...]

Want To Help Your Nonprofit Marketing? Try Social And Clickable Videos


Here's a real stumper for you: what sort of marketing will convince people to voluntarily GIVE their money away? I have huge loads of respect for people who work in nonprofit marketing. I really do. I mean, it's hard enough to convince people these days to buy things, but most nonprofits are … [Read more...]