5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Video Marketing Campaign Fails

It’s the end of the year, and now is the time that marketers take a look at our work from the last 12 months, and figure out what we did right, and where we went wrong. We congratulate ourselves on our marketing successes- blog posts which increased our web traffic, email campaigns which increased … [Read more...]

Why Landing Pages That Work Have Video

video marketing

What you have on your landing page can either make you or break you. Landing pages that work must be engaging, interesting and should capture the attention of visitors right away. Having a great landing page will ensure that more people take action making it possible for you to meet your company's … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Video Marketing

nonprofit marketing

For nonprofit organizations to continue their work, they depend heavily on the funds of others. If you are operating one of these organizations, then you know how important it is for people in the community to know about you. Although there are many ways to advertise for your organization, one of … [Read more...]

Optimize Your Video Marketing With AB Testing

Optimize Your Video Marketing

Videos are a great asset to any company and should be a part of their marketing strategy. However, what might seem like a great video to you, may not be so great to the consumer. This is why it is important to make sure that your video is performing at an optimal level. If it is not, then you can … [Read more...]

How To Dynamically Expand Your Reach With Corporate Video Marketing

There are many ways to market your company, which range from mailings to billboards. However, there is one strategy that is certain to give you the greatest results. This is video marketing. With videos you can effectively advertise your products and make your company visible to the world. To give … [Read more...]

Get Great Engagement with Post Roll In Embed Video


There is no question that videos are an excellent tool for marketing. They are catchy, interesting and convenient for viewers.  However, to get the most out of your videos they should also be engaging. Although there are many ways to go about this, using a post roll in embed video can give you great … [Read more...]

Want To Own Your Video Content? Add A Logo To Video For Better Marketing


Video Marketing is one of the most effective strategies available for advertising. However, with each video you produce it is important that you specify that the video is from your company. As a business owner you need to own your videos. When you add a logo to video content, you can accomplish … [Read more...]