4 Tips For Using Video Overlay Software


Today, one of the most popular trends in YouTube videos is making use of video overlays to enhance the content, add links, encourage social and more. People online want interactive content, not just static presentations, so adding these sorts of overlays immediately make your videos more … [Read more...]

How To Make YouTube Work For Your Business


YouTube can be more than just cat videos, it can be a place that really works for your business. Not those cheesy business videos with bad actors and even worse graphics, YouTube can be a place to give your company a voice and personality that helps viewers connect with it and become potential loyal … [Read more...]

How-To Make Great How-To Marketing Videos

In a recent blog post I wrote about what kind of videos you can produce to help promote your business.  One of those suggestions was "how-to" videos and now here's a closer look at some best practices. Ask the Experts: My business is video, video marketing and video interaction.  I don't know much … [Read more...]