Web Flash Video Player: Are You Using Its Full Potential?

There are several different ways to implement video to your website or business blog, a video player (FLV player) being one of them. But, like with all content methods, are you using its full potential in order to gain the most exposure and ramp up sales? If you don't think you are, don't worry, … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips For Politicians Using Video Promotions This Election


Since the birth of broadcast video, it's been among the most important and influential parts of virtually any political campaign. From the infamous "Daisy" Presidential spot, to the game-changing Kennedy-Nixon Debate, to the current deluge of online political ads, Internet video promotions should be … [Read more...]

Follow The Bloggers: Use A Video Blog Template


As broadband and high-speed mobile connections continue to grow in usage among consumers, some bloggers are beginning to abandon text almost entirely. Instead, they're creating "vlogs," a video blog which is self-produced and shared online in the same way as a standard blog. Since people are more … [Read more...]

How To Make YouTube Work For Your Business


YouTube can be more than just cat videos, it can be a place that really works for your business. Not those cheesy business videos with bad actors and even worse graphics, YouTube can be a place to give your company a voice and personality that helps viewers connect with it and become potential loyal … [Read more...]

Friday Fun With Videos – Chapter One

It's hot, the economy is iffy, t he world is crazy and we're all working on Friday. ┬áSo, let's take a minute (or several) to enjoy ourselves in the greatness that is online video. ┬áSome of the following picks are pretty popular right now, or just might be an oldie, but goodie that you … [Read more...]