Use Your Website Video Player To Lower Your Homepage Bounce Rate


Drawing viewers to your website is one thing, but having the ability to keep them there is a different story entirely. Often times people will go onto a site, only to leave it moments later and this is exactly what you want to avoid. Although this can happen for many different reasons, one main … [Read more...]

Don’t Just Add A Video Player To Your Website, Add Your Website Into Your Video Player


All of the elements of a website need to be able to work together, otherwise you have a buggy website that people don't want to deal with. The same can be said about the content found on the website--if it doesn't work together to help your business, why even bother with the content at all? This … [Read more...]

Use A Video Player For FLV For Your Business


Online video is now the killer in internet.  Do you believe so?  Internet marketers who use video player for FLV are stepping ahead of others in using video promotions for their products or services.  Online video has become an integral part of website building, there’s no doubt about it.  Websites … [Read more...]

How A Web Flash Video Player Can Benefit You


A marketing video needs to stand out and make an impact, ultimately leading to more customers, revenue and growth. This is all made possible with the highly popular web flash video player. This video player is widely used and for good reason. Read below to find out why and to learn what it can do … [Read more...]