Why A Custom Video Landing Page Template Will Increase Your Click Through Rate

Video Landing Page

In order to have a successful website it is important that you keep a constant eye on the numbers. One of these numbers includes the click-through rate. This rate is important as it measures how well your marketing campaign is working. If you notice that this rate is decreasing or at a stand-still, … [Read more...]

How to Create Youtube Videos SEO to Get Maximum Results


The whole purpose of marketing is to get more business. That is where SEO comes in. Without proper search engine optimization strategies, chances are very good that your business will not get the attention it needs. Fortunately, SEO can be easily implemented into many areas of marketing. You can … [Read more...]

Why Are Youtube Videos And SEO Important?

Video marketing is one of the best ways to drive web traffic, build an online community, and ultimately sell the products or services of your company. As YouTube is the most popular video website on the Internet, it is clearly the best place to be publishing videos, whatever the sector of your … [Read more...]

Why You Should Combine YouTube Videos And SEO


Video marketing is essential for any business selling products or services online. Statistics show that 37 percent of YouTube users have bought an item after seeing it advertised in a video. The only way to ensure your video marketing is effective is through adequate YouTube videos SEO. There is no … [Read more...]