Top 3 Tips For Politicians Using Video Promotions This Election


Since the birth of broadcast video, it's been among the most important and influential parts of virtually any political campaign. From the infamous "Daisy" Presidential spot, to the game-changing Kennedy-Nixon Debate, to the current deluge of online political ads, Internet video promotions should be … [Read more...]

Get Your Name Out There With Non Profit Marketing


When it comes to non profit organizations, there are already lots of responsibilities to be taken care of--on top of tasks such as marketing and advertising to make sure you can get the recognition and donations your non profit need. However, non profit marketing doesn't necessarily have to mean big … [Read more...]

How To Make Money With Video Marketing


Did you know video is outpacing most other forms of online advertising every year? As people continue to get most of their information from the Internet, video is only ready to continue to grow as businesses push for a higher focus on their online presence. Did you also know that you can make quite … [Read more...]