The Advantages Of Using An HTML5 Video Player

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For video marketing purposes, there are a few different video players you can choose from. In order to receive the excellent results you are looking for, it is important that you choose the best video player to fit your company’s needs. One of the most preferred players currently available is the HTML5 video player. This is because of it’s many advantages. Look below to see a few ways in which an HTML5 player can benefit your company.html5-video-player

Delivers Solid Mobile Device Support
Keeping your site up to date with current technology is crucial for maintaining and increasing your customer base. Now that more people are using their mobile devices to watch videos, having a custom video player that is compatible with these devices is a must. This is where HTML5 video comes in. This video player is not only supported by mobile devices, it is sure to deliver a solid experience to users. Better yet, they can do so without the need of rely on plugins. With HTML5 video, viewers can easily and successfully watch your videos from anywhere, at anytime and hassle free.

Offers Full Browser Support

An excellent attribute of an HTML5 video player is that it is supported by all modern browsers. This includes all current releases of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari. In addition, with a little tweaking and a bit more code, HTML5 video can also be watched on older browsers. Therefore, no matter how fast or updated the users’ browser is they will be able to watch your videos. Being able to do this, is an important element for your company in order to reach a wider audience.

Simple to Add Applications and Links
In order to market your company even better to viewers, HTML5 makes it easy to add applications and links to each of your videos. These are effective tools for improving user interaction, delivering additional information and for promoting other products. Furthermore, the applications can be integrated with Skype and Twitter, along with top email marketing systems such as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp.

html5-video Easily Styled to Fit Your Preferences
HTML5 video is easy to customize and style to fit your needs. Of the many design options available for this type of video, some include changing the reflections, gradients and border. You can also change the opacity, transitions, animations and create unique transformations.

Quick to Integrate and Simple to Manage
HTML5 video is simple to integrate into your website and once there it can be easily managed using built-in video tags. These tags give you more control over the video player so that it can better fit your preferences. With these built in tags you can loop your video, make it auto play, choose your video image or have the video pre-load in the background. These tags also supply controls for playing and pausing the video, as well as making sound adjustments.

As you can see there are many advantages for using an HTML5 video player. With this player, you can give your viewers the excellent video experience they expect. In turn, you will receive the exceptional results you are looking for. Have you ever used an HTML5 video player for your business?


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