Should you Upload your Videos Directly to Facebook or Link to YouTube?

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As the 2nd largest referral source for video, and with 150 million active mobile users, most marketers are using Facebook as a platform for their video content. Right now there are two main ways to upload your videos to Facebook; either directly or linking to YouTube or another leading video site like Vimeo. Here we’ll explore the pros and cons of both upload methods to help you decide which is better for your video marketing content.

Upload Speed

Facebook video has come a long way from its early days when your computer would crash as you tried to upload a video, but it still takes significantly longer to upload a video to Facebook than to YouTube. If time is of the essence or you are working from a computer with slow internet, then you might want to upload your video content to YouTube or Vimeo and then link to Facebook.upload your videos directly to YouTube

Length of video

Facebook allows videos of up to 20 minutes. YouTube videos can only be around 15 minutes long, however users who comply with You Tube’s community rules may be approved to upload videos up to 12 hours in length. If you’ve been approved by YouTube for longer videos then obviously this is a huge advantage to posting on YouTube and linking to Facebook. This is especially important for businesses looking to post longer video content such as recorded webinars, without having to split your content into several parts.


Posting on Facebook has one huge advantage- being directly hooked up to the Like and Share buttons. If you post directly onto your Facebook page then each individual like on your uploaded video will also count as a like on your Facebook page, generating future eye-balls for all your uploaded content for that page. Likes on video content uploaded from YouTube or Vimeo will only go on each individual post, and not on the page itself.

Search Engine Accessibility

Although video content directly uploaded on Facebook does show up in Google search, posting it directly in YouTube increases your Google search rankings. Linking the YouTube posted video on Google Plus also ups your SEO rate, something you would have to do separately if you post it directly on Facebook. If SEO or Google+ authorship is important to you then you should probably post you video content on YouTube and then post the link on Google+ and Facebook.

How do you prefer to post your video content to Facebook? Have you found a difference in views and lead generation depending on whether you post directly to Facebook or link to video content on YouTube?

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  • Denise

    How about if you were to upload the video to Youtube and Facebook? Would that be considered duplicate content and if so, is there a penalty? Thanks.