How to Use Video to Add Oomph to Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

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Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are behind us, and now the run up to Christmas really begins. If you are part of an eCommerce business then now is the time for you to really push forward with your seasonal marketing activities. We all know that by adding video to your site you increase site views so we’ve brought you some great suggestions for using video in your holiday marketing campaigns to increase your sales in the run up to Xmas.

1. Use Video to Showcase your Product on Seasonal Landing Pages

The competition for Xmas gifts is fierce. Highlight your products and their features with an eye-grabbing video to persuade shoppers to spend their well earned money on your product, rather than going with a competitor who used a text only product description.  You video can show potential buyers a product size, exact color and how to use it. You can add extra information to give buyers a full overview of what they are looking to buy.

2. Choose Video to Offer Special Seasonal Promotions or Sales on Your Site

Yep, the word SALE can be pretty catchy, and is a great way to catch the attention of a busy shopper. Want to really hook em? Create a video promotion about your special offer, then add a call to action button to take them to your site to actually buy what caught their eye. Make sure your special offer is big enough to compete with other seasonal offerings in your field, there’s no point promoting a 10% sale if your competitors are slashing their prices by 40%.

3. Add Video Email to Your Xmas Email Marketing Campaign

People love getting in the mood for the Holidays, and people are already bored of boring holiday themed emails coming through to their inbox. Get the fake snow ready, wrap your models up warm and capture the Holiday spirit in a video showcasing your hottest products. Then add it to your seasonal email marketing campaign and watch your open rate marketing campaigns

4. Promote Your Video Marketing Material via Your Social Channels

You’ve prepared a great Holiday video to increase your seasonal sales. Now promote it on all your social channels, from Facebook and YouTube to Twitter and Pinterest to create buzz and spread the word. Your video is sure to stand out next to your competitors’ boring Season’s Greetings, so make sure you are catching all that excitement with clear call to action buttons and other widgets to add information about your product.

Wishing you a successful Holiday Season!

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