Using a Responsive Web Design for Smartphones and Tablets

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When designing a web site today one must take into account the experience mobile users will have when browsing. Over 17% of all global web traffic today comes from mobile devices and with the proliferation and the reduced costs for smartphones and tablets. One of the ways to improve your mobile users web experience is to use a responsive web design for smartphones and tablets.

What is the Need for Responsive Web Design?

While mobile-optimized websites have been around for a while, Responsive design is about taking that to a whole new level. The idea originated as more and more devices began coming to the market with different screen sizes and abilities. There wasn’t a “mobile web” and a “desktop web” anymore, there tablets, and phablets (phone tablets) and feature phones and everything in between. That created a driving need to have single site that worked for everything, or be overwhelmed with customizing for every device and tablet out there.

How Responsive Design Meets It

A responsive web design is the “Apple” of web design. The idea is a simplistic and powerful site that will adjust its form and function for any device that visits it. A site can go from having a full menu, to having a push-button or side-menu as soon as the screen gets too small to handle it normally, in a good responsive design. This means users on an iPhone not only won’t have to zoom into a web page and scroll left and right to read what is written, it means they will be as 1st class website viewers as those on the PC or tablet. Everyone gets exactly the best view and setup for their needs.

Responsive themes are especially popular among content oriented sites such as news sites and blogs that an even greater percentage of their users are mobile users.

responsive web design for smartphones and tablets

Responsive Video

If you are on this blog, chances you know the value of video marketing. even if you have never heard of the internet, or YouTube, everyone has heard of the SuperBowl and the legendary advertisements that run during it. Connecting with people via video is a huge business and only growing larger with video online.

Sadly, being responsive-compatible is hard and most video players fail at it. The complex code required to make a video player look nice at any size is generally given up in order to provide value added features and the re-sizing element is neglected.

Responsive Viewbix

Not only does Viewbix have the greatest players out there (in our wholly unbiased opinion), but we have now added a special embed code for websites that use responsive design, so that our player will seamlessly re-size to all kinds of convoluted shapes and sizes you wouldn’t imagine a player could.

clickable video


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