27 Video Marketing Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

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27 Video Marketing Experts You Should Follow on TwitterWhy is your company still not on the video marketing scene? It’s probably because it lacks the resources or the know-how to create awesome videos that will make your brand shine. There are dozens of video marketing blogs that are choc-filled with nuggets of concrete steps on how to make video marketing work for you. Whether you need storytelling tips, technical tricks or how to make a video go ‘viral’, it’s there. But better than just reading blogs, we’ve compiled an amazing list of 27 (because 25 is just boring) video marketing pros that you should be following and engaging with on Twitter to ensure that your company will absolutely rock video marketing!

If you’re as passionate about marketing as we are then these guys are awesome! They understand the ins and outs of video marketing and are helping companies just like yours daily!

This list of people is in no particular order, and every person here is a fantastic resource for your video marketing needs. Take a few minutes to follow them all. We do.

  1. Mark R. Robertson: As the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, the leading information resource for digital & video marketing, Mark is a real expert in this space. His combination of silly tweets with great concrete examples and best practices offer a great blend of business and pleasure!
  2. Brendan Cournoyer: Director of Content Marketing at Brainshark, Brendan leads the company in creating amazing marketing videos for clients. The information and focus on grabbing audience attention, Brendan’s tweets are right on target for any video marketer.
  3. James Wedmore: The name of his company, Video Traffic Academy, pretty much says it all! James is the guy you want to learn from in this industry. His passion about marketing and helping others succeed is right on target.
  4.  Josh Rimer: Hailing from Vancouver, Josh is one of the top YouTube marketers in Canada. So if anyone can offer great tips on video marketing, it’s Josh.
  5. Greg Jarboe: Greg comes from a more classic communications and marketing background and leverages that training to lead his company SEO-PR. He’s even written a book about “YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day”.
  6.  David Murdico: David runs SupercoolAgency which focuses primarily on video marketing and digital media from some awesome brands and startups. David’s film and commercial background definitely come in handy when working with on video content.
  7. Dwight Cook: Of all the people on this list, Dwight definitely is the spiciest one. He offers many angles to the digital space but his marketing strategies are always spot on. Be careful,  Dwight will throw in some unique views but they are all aimed at helping the video marketing community.
  8. Lou Bortone: He pretty much talks about video marketing all the time on Twitter. So if anyone has what to say on the matter, it’s Lou. He’s actually been coined “The Godfather of Video.” So be careful what you offer Lou.
  9. Perry Lawrence: As his Twitter profile states “Answering any and all Video Qs you may have. Just ask.” In our experience, Perry’s answers and advice are spot on every time.
  10. Andy Jenkins: Ok, Andy’s style just warrants a conversation with him. He’s ruthless and irreverent about video and online marketing. Yes, Andy will answer your question but he may be a bit out there.
  11. Colin Christianson: As the Founder of Tenacious Ventures, Colin has worked with some super companies to produce quality marketing videos and digital content. His amazing personality is felt even via Twitter so don’t be scared and engage with Colin.
  12. Jeff Brady: At Brady Media, Jeff re-defines PR and uses video to help clients tell their most compelling digital story. By creating amazingly professional video marketing campaigns, Jeff has launched media ‘avalanches’ with every client.
  13. David Berkowitz:  As the CMO of MRY, David covers many great marketing topics. He loves the conversation on Twitter especially when the discussion involves digital marketing.
  14. Ryan Deiss:  Ryan is definitely someone to be speaking to about video marketing. More than just his insights is the community of digital marketers that he’s established. An excellent resource worth the investment.
  15. Dan Rayburn:  Recognized as the voice of the streaming and online video industry, Dan is absolutely someone to be discussing your video marketing strategies. He’s a busy guy but he does respond.
  16. Chris Savage: Chris is the CEO of video hosting company Wistia. His tweets prove that he’s an expert marketer and that he’s having fun doing it.
  17. Gideon Shalwick: All the way from Australia, there is no doubt that Gideon is 100% in love with video marketing! His site is dedicated to the industry and offers a tremendous amount of information. Your company would be foolish not to speak with him.
  18. Kelly Gerards: The Rocky Mountain air must be offering some amazing inspiration because Kelly’s mile-high strategies for video marketing are amazing!
  19. Nalts: As the author of Anything Viral, Kevin definitely gets video marketing and YouTube. If you haven’t seen any of his videos, then it’s time to check them out.
  20. Stephanie Wonderlin: Both in her work at Moment Factor and at Fullscreen, Stephanie is an absolute powerhouse in the video marketing space. She hosts an amazing YouTube series on tech and using it to simplify life. Did we mention she was named “Twitter Powerhouse” by The Huffington Post?
  21. Zoe Cairns: Hailing from the UK, Zoe packs a mean video marketing punch! Successful marketing is one thing, but Zoe’s ability to teach video marketing strategies others is where she really impresses.
  22. Deborah Lee: Another great lady from the UK! As a two-time Forbes Global Power Influencer, she clearly knows how to do online marketing. Video marketing is just part of her amazing toolkit. So reach out to Deborah and prepare to be amazed.
  23. Christian Payne: While everyone noticed that newsprint and readership were falling, Chirstian grabbed his digital camera to capture amazing video marketing pieces so that brands are successful in the evolving digital web. He’s a real pro.
  24. Aaron Zakowski: Aaron is the marketing director here at Viewbix, so after analyzing data from Viewbix customers’ millions of video views, he’s definitely learned what it takes to generate real ROI from your online videos. He’s also a master at paid video promotion on social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
  25. Bethany Simpson  As the marketing director and video host for iMedia, Bethany is a leader in the marketing community. Clearly, Bethany gets how to leverage video for marketing purposes, how else could she secure video interviews with 600 leaders across various industries?
  26. Maria A. Andros  As a business strategist and a video marketing expert, Maria offers amazing tips to women (and men too) to launch a successful online business while still living an amazing life!
  27. Steve Garfield As the author of “Get See: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business,” and Founder of Boston Media Makers, Steve taps into his passion of combining tech with video and blogging. You will learn a lot from Steve and maybe even end up in one of his videos.

And, of course, don’t forget to follow us @Viewbix as well :)

There you have it! Our top 27 video marketing pros. This list is based on who we’ve found to be informational and useful. Did we miss anyone? Tweet us to let us know.


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  • SpykerMedia

    You forgot Phil Nottingham – one of the top thought leaders on video seo and a video strategist at #Distilled. @philnottingham

  • Mordecai Holtz

    You’re right! Adding Phil to next ‘list’ post :)

  • http://www.kurbanali.com Kurban Ali

    Thanks Holtz for sharing these marketing experts list to follow at twitter. http://www.kurbanali.com

  • http://whiteboardvideo.nl/ whiteboardvideo.nl

    great all of them and I knew very well couple of them as well. To be honest
    to say that as a online video marketer and as a professional white board
    video maker I always follow Mark R. Robertson and as a result I am doing well
    in my professional career and doing well my company whiteboardvideo
    as well.

  • http://www.IMJustice.net IMJustice

    Mordecai, every single time I do a video it ranks on the first page……And that’s out of millions of results…….And I didn’t make your list……..?………Also, nobody has the low prices like I do for pretty cool stuff…….I don’t believe in raping the small business for $1000 videos on up, when $250-$500 videos (if marketed correctly) can do the same thing……..:)………

    • http://www.IMJustice.net IMJustice

      And, I would love to know how you actually arrived at these names……

  • Anna Johnson

    When its a matter of digital marketing ,then I always refer to David Berkowitz. But if someone needs some valuable mentor-ship regarding online video marketing then the best person on the Twitter is Lou Bortone..!!
    I recommend every blogger to follow all of them as they all are pioneers in their fields !!
    Thanks for sharing !!