Web Flash Video Player: Are You Using Its Full Potential?

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There are several different ways to implement video to your website or business blog, a video player (FLV player) being one of them. But, like with all content methods, are you using its full potential in order to gain the most exposure and ramp up sales? If you don’t think you are, don’t worry, there are ways to make sure your web Flash video player is turned into yet another call-to-action channel for your brand.

Implementing interactive buttons and calls-to-action

To get things started, it was mentioned that a FLV player can easily be turned into yet another avenue for your call-to-action, which may seem confusing at first. Most calls-to-action are normally done through email marketing campaigns, placed on landing pages, or added at the end of blog posts. Rarely is it seen on the video side unless in the form of a link in the “information” bar on YouTube or added as an annotation, but with recent video player advancements, calls-to-action can now be implemented directly into the video player and be completely interactive.

This doesn’t just include calls-to-action, either. You can add all sorts of different forms directly to your FLV player and people can watch your video content without having to navigate through all sorts of different subscription and sign-up windows. They can remain in the web flash video player, become a subscriber, and continue to engage with your content all at once.

Add comprehensive information on your brand

While the idea of a video is to bring awareness about your business and what they do, sometimes a video can’t convey enough information within an allotted time–especially if you’re going with shorter videos in order to catch people’s interest and then draw them in with a call-to-action or other incentives.

Most people like to upload their video to YouTube and then add annotations to include extra information, but a customized web Flash video player can ensure that you can have drop-down and slide out information bars which can give your video an overall professional look and provide all the information necessary to make that viewer a customer.

Don’t forget about the social mediainteractive videos

Even Flash video needs social media these days! Don’t skimp out on providing an easy access to share all of your video content with the viewers friends and family. Social media has become the new “word of mouth” marketing that can really help expose your business to a new base of customers and promote sales. A necessity in this day and age is at least implementing Facebook and Twitter sharing to your content, video included.

Now, social media sharing can be directly added to your video player without having to embed an extra line of code or a plug-in. Also, you can even provide a live stream of tweets or status updates from your Twitter or Facebook accounts directly into the video for cross-promotion of your brand. Now that’s really using the potential of your customized video player!

The content within

But the most important thing to remember with your web Flash video player is, of course, making sure your content is following a certain standard in order to be ranked by Google and boost up your SEO efforts. It needs to be original, creative, and provide something in return for the viewers time. Just like with a video blog or distributing articles, videos follow the same rules of the Google algorithm change. Keep your content consistently great and you’ll be golden.

Has your business considered doing a video campaign? How about creating a personalized video?

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