What Nonprofit Marketing Will Do For Your Company

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One of the major pitfalls of nonprofits is the ability to make sure your cause is being marketed nonprofit marketingproperly so it can make sure it is getting the engagement, reach, and donations it needs to stay active. However, like with most services that deal with business, marketing costs money–sometimes quite a bit of money. However, nonprofit marketing doesn’t have to be a huge money drain on your budget. For example, you can take the initiative to do an entirely DIY video marketing campaign and still have amazing content that is guaranteed to be shared on major social networks and extend the reach of your cause.

Marketing can have several different approaches with the rise of the Internet, some of the biggest being social media and content marketing. Video falls into content marketing, although it can mix well with social media efforts. And thankfully, most of these types of marketing tactics are cheap or free! But, why exactly should you consider even trying it? What can nonprofit marketing do for you?

Get exposure for your organization

The most obvious one is getting that coveted online exposure for your company, which can only come in through contributing content online and sharing it across different social networking platforms. You can’t just rely on having an inactive Facebook page or a blog post here and there–show how passionate you are and start sharing all you can ASAP!

Higher subscription rate with calls-to-action

A huge part of online marketing is the call-to-action, which is usually reserved for garnering information on users for email campaigns, newsletters, promotions, and other marketing material to keep your subscribers interested and engaged. A call-to-action can be at the end of a blog post, article, its own landing page on your website, or even embedded in your video player. Wherever it might be (and it can be many places), it’s going to help you keep subscribers and gather up a huge following to help you push your company.

Potential for higher donation numbers

It’s all about bringing in those donations and grants for your organization, but sometimes trying to retain those higher numbers like bigger nonprofits do can prove a little bit challenging and maybe even somewhat daunting. However, with the right marketing campaign it can be a breeze when you can embed donation buttons into your video marketing content, have a button alongside your written content, and an easy-to-use donation service on your website that is easily marketable.>

Bootstrap marketing that lasts longer with bigger results

Nonprofit marketing, just like start-up or small business marketing, is all about pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and being able to make something awesome with barely anything at all. This normally happens in the beginning, but it can continue on even when you’re fully established to keep down business costs. Online nonprofit marketing can help with that!

Endless potential with online marketing

Finally, online marketing brings in near limitless potential for strategies and ideas, even for nonprofits. Because most campaigns can be relatively reasonable in their budgets, marketing can be varied and various forms of “trial and error” in order to find the perfect fit for your organization. You certainly can’t do that with traditional marketing!

Whatever the case may be, your nonprofit can only benefit from online marketing–especially with content marketing like video. Have you planned out your nonprofit marketing to include things like video, blogging, and social media?

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