What To Look For In The Best Video Marketing

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As with all things in life, there are better ways and worse ways to engage in video marketing.  It’s an extremely powerful all-around tool:  The equipment is now cheap enough for most enterprises to afford, YouTube provides a common space for uploading and sharing videos, and you can potentially reach millions of people with a hit video.

After all, just look how many people are dancing “Gangnam Style” worldwide, thanks to PSY’s unexpected K-pop hit.

However, if you want to get in on the Internet video marketing action, you need to be producing good videos that people actually want to share.  So, we wanted to put together a few of our own tips for creating the best video marketing campaign you can!

The Best Video Marketing Practices For Success

  • Go Social.  If you use no other tip from this list, this is the one to remember.  Your videos must – MUST – be easily-shared online if they’re going to do you any good.  Keep plenty of social links in your site, post them to your own social accounts, and consider using software that put social functions directly into your videos themselves.   The more content is embedded in your video, the more chance it has of being seen and grabbing people’
  • Tell ‘em three times.   Some of you might remember this old chestnut from your English Class days:  “Tell your audience what you’re about to tell them, then tell them what you have to say,  and then tell them what you just told them.”  This threefold reinforcement of a message is still one of the most effective ways of increasing message recall.  However you structure it, your core message should be repeated at the beginning, middle, and end of your video.
  • Use in-stream video ads.   It sounds incredibly counter-intuitive, but the research on the subject is surprisingly clear-cut.  For some reason, in-stream ads partnered with YouTube videos give you really great ad recall.  Over half of people surveyed could recall pre-, mid-, or post-video streamed advertisements.  We’re not sure why this is, but in the meantime that shouldn’t stop you from getting in on the action.  If you have multiple product lines, you might even look into in-streaming ads for different products in your own videos.  This is among the best video marketing strategies you could employ.
  • End on a call to action.  This one is pretty common-sense, but it’s still something that’sBest Video Marketing easily overlooked.  Your videos should always end on a call to action that directs a user to do something.  This could be as simple as a “click here for more information” link, or an appeal to share your video online, or to download a demo, or virtually anything else you can imagine.  The point is that an engaged viewer who actually follows your directions is going to be a much stronger sales lead.
  • Keep them clicking.  Beyond a call to action, generally speaking, anything you can do that encourages a viewer to click on your video – engaging with it – is going to boost recall and increase their chances of converting into a sale.  The use of plugin apps that make your videos interactive will get more people to view them and decrease the number of people who quit partway through.
  • Be funny, be topical, or be musical.  Generally speaking, these are the three best ways to get your video noticed online.  Funny videos essentially “sell” themselves, if they’re legitimately funny.  Items based on current news and events can become popular shares, such as last year’s KONY 2012 video.  Otherwise, videos with good music are also quite likely to be shared.  You’ll rarely go wrong picking one of these approaches.

There are numerous ways to market your videos online, and there can be a lot of opinions over what is the best video marketing strategy.  None the less, if you remember these tips, you’ll see greater returns on your online videos!

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