When Creating Videos, Follow These 4 Steps

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You have finally convinced your office that it’s time to begin creating videos in order to boost your marketing, your sales, and your overall business. Great! Now what? Rather than just going with the same old route of creating something that borderlines a commercial you’d find on the television, maybe it’s time to take the time and see how you can create online videos that really stand out and will actually bring in some serious sales numbers.

You see, video content on the TV and video on the Internet have completely different methods and purposes, despite being there to entertain and inform the viewer. While most business-sponsored content on the TV is there as a normally corny and obvious sales pitch, online video needs to be more subtle as customers surfing the Web are going to be a little bit more savvy. In fact, they don’t want to sit through yet another commercial online when they don’t have to.

So, instead of setting yourself up for failure, follow these four steps when it comes time to creating videos for your online audience.

1. Brainstorm & Plan

No matter what you do, always remember to plan things out so you don’t have a marketing crisis on your hands. The worst that can happen is you produce a less than stellar video, everyone hates it, and you need to get rid of it fast while wasting all of that time and money. Instead, be prepared, know your budget and create goals that you can achieve with your currently available resources. Really, it’s that simple when it comes to step one!

2. Get The Right Equipment

Speaking of available resources, make sure that before creating videos you have the necessary equipment to get the job done right. If you’re going to be creating the videos yourself, remember to have higher quality cameras, proper lighting, any props or costumes, and anything else to make that video really shine. On the flip side, if you’re just going to outsource the video creation, then you just simply need to make the budget an adequate amount and plan out your video campaign from there.

3. Make It ValuableCreating Videos

While you’re swept up in the video creation process, don’t forget to make sure that your video content is providing a value to the viewer. This doesn’t mean that you need to make a documentary-grade film about your specific industry, but instead try to be entertaining, informative, and interesting enough to help the lead further along the sales funnel. When creating videos, you want to show that you’re the right choice to the customer, not just flash “BUY NOW!” throughout the entire video.

4. Embed Video

Your video player is just as important as your video. It’s going to be your hub of your video marketing campaign and implement ways for the viewer to interact with your calls to action in order to become a customer. This means you need to be able to embed your CTAs, email sign-ups, live social media feeds and other content into the video player with ease and simplicity. This is a crucial step to really wrap everything together and make that video count, so don’t forget it!

viewbix custom video player

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  • Jackie Goldstein

    You might want to find a more update list of recommended camcorders – your current link/list is 1 1/2 years old.

  • http://localvidomarketing.biz/ Anthony idle

    Great point about making sure the viewer gets value. I like the question I ask my self “as a result of watching this video the viewer should be able to…..?”