Why Should A Company Use Video Promotions?

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If you think back to how you first learned of a new product or business, you will most likely say it was due to a televised commercial. However, since this strategy can be quite costly and time consuming, many companies do not use this form of marketing. Fortunately, with the steadily growing world of technology, you can get the same marketing benefits and more by producing video promotions online. Here are just a few reasons why you should use this powerful marketing tool for your company.
Marketing Strategy
 Promote Your Company Name
The easiest and most effective way of introducing your company to the world is by marketing with a video. There are millions of people across the globe who log onto the internet each day to locate products and make purchases. You can take advantage of this, by putting together video promotions that accurately represent your business in an exciting and new way. The more videos you post, the more you will get noticed.

Promote Your Product Line
There is simply no better way to promote products than with videos. Not only can you introduce your product line, but you can show viewers how each product performs and the benefits they can obtain by using them. Reading about a product gives a nice overview, but seeing it in action literally brings it to life. This alone will motivate more viewers to purchase your products.

Promote Contests and Giveaways
An excellent way to obtain new customers is by holding contests and giveaways of products or services. With video promotions you can get speak to the audience on a more personal level to get them excited about upcoming contests that you may be holding. Because of the thrill of these types of promotions, viewers will likely share your videos with others to get them involved as well.

Promote Your Website, Social Media and Video Channels
Along with introducing your business name and products, you can also use videos to promote your company website, social media platform of choice and video channels. Some of these sites could include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Google+. On your video promotion you can share links to each of these sites, or add them to an interactive button within the video itself to make linking even easier.

Gain a Larger Audience With Social Media
As mentioned above, there are millions of people who use the internet daily. To take full advantage of this, consider posting your videos to as many social media sites as possible. With billions of users on Facebook and YouTube alone, you can acquire a very large audience within just a short amount of time.


Sharing Capability
Once your video promotions are posted onto your website and various social media platforms, they can be shared by your viewers. Many sites have made sharing simple by the use of “Share” buttons, which can be easily added to each of your videos. With a quick click of the button, a viewer can share your video with their friends and family on a variety of social media sites. Therefore, you are literally letting your audience do the advertising for you.

Go Mobile
Video promotions are not reliant on the typical home computer. Due to the massive popularity of smart phones and tablets, your videos can be watched from anywhere and at any time. Also, for sharing purposes a link can be sent through a text message. This link can then direct the recipient to your video on YouTube. The convenience of this technology makes doing business with you simple, which is an element consumers look for and appreciate.

Technology has made marketing a breeze and you can take full advantage of this by using video promotions for your business. Implementing a new marketing strategy may just be the extra boost your company needs.

What will you use your video to promote first?


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