Why You Should Consider This: Add Youtube Video To Facebook

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If you’re involved in Internet marketing at all, you know the value of leveraging social media to boost your SEOAdd Youtube Video To Facebook and to keep people talking about your brand. Chances are good you already have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, or similar services.

However, there’s a tendency among Internet marketers to think about online services as though each is distinct. IE, they have “a YouTube strategy” and “a Facebook strategy” and so forth. What many fail to recognize is that, online, you can mix and match your strategies, using multiple services at once for maximum effect.

Choosing to add YouTube video to Facebook is an excellent example of this. While both services can bring you great returns individually, when taken together, you get something much more than the sum of their parts.


Why You Should Add YouTube Video to Facebook

I. Videos on Facebook are more widely seen.

There’s a term related to Facebook you should know, if you haven’t encountered it already: Edgerank. Edgerank is the system by which Facebook decides, essentially, which of the materials you post will automatically show up on your Fans’ home screens the next time they log in.

While the details are too complex to get into here, there’s one relevant fact you should know: Images and video automatically get a boost to their Edgerank over any other form of post. If you add YouTube video to Facebook updates, it will be seen by more people than if you simply do a status update.

II. Shares lead to views.

It’s hardly a secret that people on the Internet love sharing videos online. In fact, according to YouTube themselves, over 500 years of videos are watched via Facebook every day. Literally millions of videos are “liked” or “favorited” as well.

Following from both this and the Edgerank bias towards video, the result is that video is the most-shared content type on Facebook. If you post a video that your fans enjoy, they will recommend it to their friends, and a fair number of those friends will click on your video as well.

If you want to get your videos out into a larger community than just your blog or YouTube channel, sharing them online through Facebook is a great way to do it.

III. Integrating Facebook and YouTube is simple.

There’s no “trick” to merging your Facebook and YouTube strategies. YouTube features native integration with several of the most popular social services, including Facebook and Twitter. It’s possible, for example, to automatically post your YouTube videos to Facebook simply by “liking” them yourself within your YouTube Channel.

For more ambitious users, there are also plenty of Facebook applicationsVideo Marketing that can be used to link your accounts, as well as tracking stats back and forth so that you can easily see the results.

If you want to make it even easier for your videos to get shared online, you can also add interactive apps to your videos that allow viewers to share them while they’re still playing.

It’s That Simple.

YouTube videos are more widely seen and more frequently shared by Facebook users than other content, and bridging the two is simple. There’s no reason your online marketing strategies should consider Facebook and YouTube to be totally distinct. What you post to YouTube should always be shared socially.

If you add YouTube video to Facebook, the end result is more people viewing your content. It really is that simple.

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