Why a YouTube Video Gallery For Websites Will Make Your Site Easy To Navigate

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There is no question that adding a video to your website has many benefits. With one video alone you can greatly increase traffic and acquire a much larger customer base. If you are looking for even more benefits, consider adding a YouTube video gallery for website enhancement and easy navigation.

The video gallery can be embedded directly into your website to showcase any of the videos you choose. You can either make a gallery including videos pertaining to just one product or a gallery related to several. Whichever you choose, the gallery will help the visitor to navigate the website more easily.

Give Visitors Control
People like to have control over what they are doing on the internet. This goes for navigating your website as well. With a video gallery, the viewer is able to control the video player to watch the videos of their choice. One simple way for them to do this is through thumbnails of upcoming videos in the gallery, which can be placed on the bottom of the video itself. This will allow the viewer to switch to other videos as they see fit. As a result, they will not become discouraged and you will likely earn their business.

YouTube video gallery

Visitors Can See Your Full Product Line
Often times consumers are only aware of a few of the items in a company’s product line. However, the company could have several. This is where a YouTube video gallery for website navigation can prove to be very beneficial to the company and the consumer. As a viewer is watching the videos in the gallery they may run across products that they were unaware of, as well as how those products may benefit them. This helps them and also leads to “upselling” when they decide to make purchases they had not planned on.

Links to Specific Areas and Information
The video gallery could include a range of products. While going through each video in the gallery the viewer may come across a product that they are interested in and would like further information on. With carefully embedded links in each video, you can lead the viewer to the exact information that they are seeking. This keeps them viewer from having to search for this information elsewhere, which in turn keeps them from becoming distracted. Furthermore, they will appreciate the careful consideration you put into building your website.

Simplified and Specific Call to Action
With each video you add to the gallery you should always include a call to action. This call to action should fit specifically with each video and lead the viewer to the appropriate next step. It should not lead them anywhere that is unexpected, as this will likely chase them off and prevent them from returning. Therefore, no matter which call to action you choose make sure that it accurately matches the video at hand. This will make the next step hassle free for the consumer and in turn will lead to more business for you.

All of these benefits combined greatly increases the visitor’s engagement time on your site. This also transforms more visitors to customers and leads to more sales for your company. You cannot go wrong when you add a YouTube video gallery for website navigation. Have you had any experiences in using a video gallery?

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